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Prof. Dr Talat Waseem

FRCS England, FRCS (GenSurg), FACS, FCPS, MME

Postdoctoral Fellowship Surgical Research (Harvard),

Message by Chair of Department of Surgery & Allied 


The clinical traditions of the Faculty of Surgery, Shalamar Medical & Dental College have maintained during the past years and have inspired the mission of the Department of Surgery. These objectives address the major commitments of the Department to the medical school and to Surgical Education.


Medical education is a complex mixture of medical and professional education, to master basic principles and theories as well as to obtain sufficient knowledge and experience to practice clinical medicine. The education must convey the continually expanding body of medical science and act as a preparation for a lifetime of competent and thoughtful interactions with patients at a time of rapid change in technology and societal needs.


To meet these educational goals, the Faculty of Surgery must be at once conservative and creative. There is a generally accepted need to preserve certain fundamental principles that the rational practice of medicine rests on namely a firm understanding of the basic medical sciences. Yet the great advances in medicine, the need to reasonably limit the number of years of formal education, the increasing number and complexity of special fields, and the diversity of interests and talents among students all demand continual examination and evaluation of our educational aims and process.


The Curriculum in Surgery is aimed at providing students with a clear and concise overview of the surgical teaching in the clinical phase of their studies at the SMDC which is carried out at the Shalamar Teaching Hospital and Fauji Foundation Teaching Hospital. The Curriculum is simply a road map for the extensive areas of knowledge that students much master to obtain a broad education in clinical surgery. This contains information on clinical attachments, lecture series, tutorials, exam timetables and academic calendar year.

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