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Year 3 Surgical Teaching

In Third year of medical school teaching, clinical teaching in surgery would commence. The aim is to provide medical students with exposure to common surgical problems, develop basic clinical skills appropriate for third year curriculum and to broaden their horizon about surgery and its subspecialties so that they can evaluate surgery as a future career.

Upon completion of the surgical rotation, following general objectives of clinical surgical teaching should be met by the student:



  • Student is able to take meaningful clinical history and perform clinical examination.

  • Demonstrate professional attitude and values towards colleagues and patients


The Department of General Surgery, Orthopedics, Radiology and Urology Faculty members have been designated the lecture schedule designed to introduce basics of surgery in synchrony with basic sciences. The students are subdivided into batches and rotate for 8 weeks in Shalamar Teaching Hospital and Fauji Foundation Hospital (See Appendix). The teaching would be done in Didactic sessions and bedside teaching with equal focus. The teaching modules for clinical teaching have been developed (See Below). Online Modules are also available at the website to complement the didactic and bedside teaching.


The detail of the student Batch rotating in clinical wards is attached here in Appendix III. At the end of each rotation both at Shalamar Teaching Hospital and Fauji Foundation Hospital, an assessment of clinical skills would be conducted in the Department of Surgery.

The detail of lectures to be delivered has been attached in this manual at the end.

During this year the students are tested for delivered lectures with MCQ based assessment papers (Cognitive Domain) conducted throughout the year and the results are shared with Department of Medical Education and Student Affairs through the software.

For the Online Modules (involving History Taking, Clinical Examination and Communication Skills), an OSPE is conducted (4 Stations) which would assess the Clinical Skills of the students through Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective Domain. The OSPE has 30% Cognitive, 50% Psychomotor and 20% Affective domain. 10% would be reserved for attendance.


Dr. Rizwan A. Khan (Associate Prof. Surgery) is responsible for ensuring the overall coordination and conduction of assessments during Year 3.

Mode of Teaching: Lectures (Cognitive Domain)

Online Modules, Didactics & Bedside Teaching (Psychomotor & Affective Domain)

Third year Lecture List Surgery & Allied

Third Year  Ward Rotation Plan (Surgery & Allied)

Third Year Clinical Flow Chart

Third year Academic Planner 2019-20


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